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1000 Fishes can culture without any Tension

This is neither an Aquaponics Fish farming unit nor a Biofloc fish farming technique. But 1000 Nutter (Red-Bellied Pacu) fishes weighing about 350 grams grew easily for 5 months without any issues. The 100 fish which was caught during the harvest weighed about 35 kg. It was sold at a price of Rs 225. The remaining fishes should be caught as required.

It seems that a unit like this can be made by anyone at a very low expenditure. That’s why I thought of making this video. I am sure watching this video completely will help you set up a fish pond and carry out fish farming in it.

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Successful Fish Harvest

This is the second time fish farming is carried out in this particular fish pond.We thought of sharing this method since we didn’t face any problem in farming fish during both the times. Many of my friends ask me how to cultivate fishes at low cost. This unit will be an example for them.

Nutter Red bellied Pacu Harvesting

Let us first take a look at the basic parameters of water in this fish pond. Its PH Test value is 7.5 and value of Ammonia content is 0.25 ppm. If you do not know how to test the Ammonia level and PH of water, you can see the video by clicking on the link mentioned above. Similarly, anyone who does fish farming should buy and maintain a minimum of PH test and an Ammonia test kit.

There are two things that can be cultivated with this one farming method.

1 – Fishes

Fish grow better in this fish pond and also it is possible to grow  more number of fishes.

Red Bellied Nutter Pacu in Farm

Red Bellied Nutter Pacu in Farm

2 – Azolla

Azolla is a protein-rich food. This will save a good percentage of the feed cost on fishes. Pellet feeding is done only two times a day at other times these Azolla and leafy items are fed to the fishes.

Azolla Culturing in Onyx Aqua Farm

Azolla Culturing in Onyx Aqua Farm

How this Fish Farming Unit Works

Now let us see how this one unit works. This is a re-circulating farming method. The pond water is pumped into a small filter unit using a submersible pump. The slurry or fish discharge from the fish pond stays in the filter unit and the clear water enters the Azolla pond. The Azolla that grows in it absorbs Ammonia and other nutrients from the water and grows well. At the same time, the pure water returns to the fish pond. This circulation can be set at the right times using a timer. And thus there was no need to change the pond water in this particular fish farming method. It is necessary to supply only the deficient water from time to time.

Fish And Azolla Farming

Now let us see what all are required to set up this unit.

1 – Fish Pond for growing fish

This is a 6 meter long and 6 meter wide pond. A 300 gsm Nylon sheet is used to make this pond. The Fish pond contains about 30000 liters of water. During the construction of the pond, it should be constructed in such a way that the base of the pond is sloped towards the center of pond so that the entire waste area will settle into the center.

2 – Mechanical Filter unit

The filter for this fish farming pond system is designed only in a very small form. The method is so simple that anyone can do it their own. Sponge and net is used to filter the water sludge. The water from the fish pond is connected to the bottom of the barrel. The waste water is passed through the sponge and net then into the Azolla pond through the overflow pipe provided on top of the barrel. A valve is provided to drain the waste below the barrel. Open the valve to let out the waste water daily and this waste water can be used for plants or vegetables.

Mechanical Filter Unit

3 – Submersible Pump

A submersible pump is used to pump the water containing the slurry in the fish pond to the filter system. For almost one year WP-5200 model from a company named SOBO is used in this unit. This one pump with 75 watts was purchased through Amazon.

Sobo WP-5200 Submersible Aquarium Water Pump


4 – Pond for Azolla Cultivation

Pond of about only 15 cm depth is required for Azolla cultivation. The more area of the pond, the more Azolla can be grown in it. At the same time the nitrification of the water will be done well and the pure water will reach the fish pond. We have created this Azolla pond with a length of 18 meter and breadth of one meter. And Azolla is cultivated in this pond which can feed not just the 1000 fishes in this pond but also 4000 fish growing in another fish pond. Along with Azolla you can also culture ornamental fish like guppy. You have to pump water into the Azolla pond through one side and return the water to the fish pond through the other side.

Azolla collecting for feed the fishes

5 – Air pump

Air pumps are used to supply oxygen to fishes being cultivated. Hailea’s HAP 120 airpump is used in this pool. Aerators having a different amount of watts can also be used in this unit.

Hailea 45W 60L/min HAP-60 Hiblow

Quality water is essential for fishes to grow. Quality of water for fish farming can be maintained if it is cultivated in this way. Non-toxic food is not available in the market today. Anyone can try to cultivate their own fish for home consumption. Your doubts and comments can be commented below. If you like the video, don’t forget to share and subscribe to our channel. See you in another video. Thank you.

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