Aquaponics Fish Farm of VK Abdu In Malappuram

Aquaponics Fish Farming at Malappuram in Malayalam

Aquaponics Fish Farming For Organic Fishes and Vegetables



This Video Introducing An Aquaponics Fish Farming unit of VK Abdu at Malapuram Dist, Kerala. This Video made on February 2020. Aquaponics is a Combination of Aquaculture (Fish Farming) and Hydroponics (Agriculture without Soil). Aquaponics Farming giving 100% Organic Fishes and Vegetables. Its Also Known as Recirculating Aquaculture. VK Abdu Culturing 300 Fishes in 3000 Litter Fish Pond and Culturing Vegetables in 5 Grow bed. He is getting Good Organic food for his Own Use.

Aquaponics Defined:

 AquaCulture – Growing fish in a re-circulating System.
Ponos – The Greek Word for growing plants with or without media.

How Aquaponics Works

  • Fish are growing in a Fish Pond
  • Water from the Fish pond is pumping to Plants through a Filter system
  • Bacteria convert Ammonia of the water as nitrite and then to Nitrate
  • Plants of Grow Bed absorb the nutrients of water
  • Filtered water is returned to the fish pond and clean.



Azolla – അസോള (mosquito fern, duckweed fern, fairy moss, water fern)
PH test of water in Fish farming

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