Azolla collecting for feed the fishes

Fish and Azolla culture in an Aquaponics Unit

Fish and Azolla culture in an Aquaponics Unit

Today we are going to introduce you to a special type of fish farming in Onyx Aqua Farm. This fish farming we can considered as High density fish farming. Because We are getting 4 out puts in a single Aquaponics Unit.

  • Fishes growing in Fish Pond

  • Azolla growing on the side of Fish Pond

  • Ornamental fish growing with Azolla

  • Vegetables culturing in the same Unit

Fish Pond of Aquaponics Unit

This Unit is a Part of Onyx Aqua Farm. The Aquaponics unit is located at 100 square meters or 2.5 cents . Made this fish farming unit inside a Rain shelter made with GI pipes and UV Sheets. Rain Shelter is good for Aquaponics farm. Learn more About Fish pond making.


Fish and Azolla culture in Onyx aqua farm

In this Fish pond has 30000 liters of water and Growing more than 1000 fishes without any problems. This pond  is 6 meter long and wide, Also 1 meter  depth to the sides and 1.5 meter depth in the middle. If fill full of the water would be over 40000 liters. In this fish pond growing 1000 nos of Red bellied Pacu also known as nutter. Before this culture we harvested more than 2000 Tilapia from the same fish pond.

Aeration is an important thing in an Aquaponics fish farming unit. In Onyx Aqua Farm we are Using an Aerator of Haelia company, HAP 120 modeled for provide oxygen to the fishes. Also the pH and ammonia parameters of the water are maintaining very well in this fish farm.

Azolla Cultivation in Aquaponics Unit

Fish and Azolla grows together in this Fish farming unit. Azolla is growing in the small pond built around the large Fish pond. The Azolla pond is about 18 meters in length on the three sides of fish pond. For Azolla farming no need a large depth pond. Only need 20 cm depth. This Pond have a depth of 25 cm. We are cultivating a large quantity of Azolla from this Aquaponics Unit. We are feeding Azolla more than 4000 fishes from this Unit.

Azolla collecting for feed the fishes

In this Aquaponics Unit, The water from the fish pond is pumped into the Mechanical and Bio filter Unit by a submersible pump. We are Using Submersible motor of SOBO for pump the water to Filter unit.


In the Filter Unit clean the Pond water by the sponge and plastic net used in the filter unit, the water slurry stays in the filter and the clear water reaches to the Azolla pond.

About Azolla

Azolla is a great food for cattle, ducks and poultry in our homes. Azolla helps farmers to reduce the feeding cost. Azolla is a type of seven species of aquatic ferns. Azolla have large quantity of nitrogen and protein. Azolla contains 30% to 40% protein. It is a type of small leaves that suddenly becomes a lot. Azolla has 40% protein.

Azolla Culturing in Onyx aqua Farm

Azolla feeding to Ducks

Ornamental Fishes in Aquaponics Unit

Described the Azolla pond around the Fish pond in the above paragraph. In this Azolla pond also growing small Ornamental Fishes like Guppy, Koi Fishes, Gold Fishes and Seeds of Tilapia and Nutter. The Azolla pond is divided into different sections for the rearing of different types of fishes. Guppy and Koi carp are growing very healthy with Azolla. The water in this Azolla Pond is returned to the fish pond by overflow pipe. Azolla growing well when the ammonia in the water is absorbed, and all the parameters of the Fish pond water remain normal.

Ornamental fish growing with Azolla in Aquaponics unit

Vegetables in Aquaponics Unit

In this Aquaponics fish farming unit, vegetables are made using the waste water taken from this filter. Vegetables planted in the soil around the pond provide excellent yields. The valve at the bottom of the filter drum can drain out the water containing the slurry of the fish. The plants are poured into the water containing this slurry. Because of that, vegetables are growing in a very organic way.

This unit is not intended to be defined as an Aquaponics unit. However, there is a re circulation process going on. Also we cultured and harvested twice in this Aquaponics unit without any Problems. So that we are recommending this unit to my readers and Viewers.

You can try to cultivate fresh fish and vegetables for Home purposes. But let me remind my viewers at this time not to go fish farming just by watching the video. Do it only after visiting the farms that are doing good Aqua farming.

Aquaponics Fish farm of an Ex-NRI
Aquaponics fish farm in Kerala

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