Onyx Aquaponics Farm in Kerala

Aquaponics fish farm in Kerala

About Aquaponics

The food processing technique in Aquaponics incorporates aquaculture (fish raising or crustaceans in tanks) with hydroponics (water developing plants) in symbiotic ecosystems. Fish excretions collect in the water in simple aquaculture, growing the toxicity, ensuring the fish needs to be processed before being released back into the ecosystem.

Onyx Aquaponics Farm in Kerala

We are the onyx aqua farm that has been farming organic fish since the last 2 years. Mainly using Aquaponics Fish farming method and we are also aware of the technology of BIOFLOC fish farming, we are family members committed to serve you. Onyx Aqua Farm, in Padinhattummuri, Malappuram, Kerala, is a sustainable farm owned and operated by a local family. We grow 100% organic fish, vegetables and ornamental fish. We are using a production approach known as Aquaponics Fish farming. In Aquaponics fish and plants have a symbiotic connection.

We all want to grow more food with less water, less energy, less footprint on the environment. We do this by using the nutrients that our fish provides to feed and supercharge our crop production. This may be as easy as re-using fish water to irrigate field crops such that two crops are only enough of water or complete incorporation of aquaculture reclamation with hydroponics (Aquaponics) for mobilization. Our fish are our collaborator in farming.


Aquaponics Unit with Fish Pond and Grow bed under a Rain Shelter

Importance of organic fish farming

In Aquaponics Fish Farming, aquaculture wastes are used in a hydroponic method, where by-products are broken down into nitrites by bacteria and then into nitrates, which plants may consume as nutrients, thereby lowering fertilizer prices. In the method, water is automatically filtered, and it can either be recovered by the aquaculture system or discharged into the atmosphere by a purification procedure that is far easier and cheaper than in normal aquaculture operations.

Red Bellied Nutter Pacu in Farm

Benefits of organic fish farming

 Year-Round Gardening: Unlike other farming techniques, Aquaponics Fish Farming helps you to grow food during the year, by controlling the temperatures according to what you are producing, by utilizing greenhouses. You will raise plants year-round.

Low Water Usage: The minimal water wasted compared to conventional farming is one of the great advantages of Aquaponic growing. Although the name implies ‘water,’ Aquaponics uses about 90 percent less water than conventional farming.

Minimal Weeding: There is no soil in Aquaponics Fish Farming and there are very little weeds in your garden that will allow you more room to appreciate your growing.

Faster Growth: In an Aquaponics environment, plants continue to grow faster 24 hours a day due to their exposure to 100 percent natural nutrients.

Small Footprint: In Aquaponics Fish Farming method agriculture does not require fertile soil from the farmland. Aquaponics may be efficiently practiced on any ground, asphalt, dirt, rugged surfaces or even lands of drought that are impossible to use in traditional farms.

Healthy Food: In an Aquaponics Farming method fishes and plants grow Without the use of antibiotics, chemicals, or fertilizers.

Organic farming: Chemicals and pesticides are harmful for human health. However, the products are grown chemical-free in your Aquaponics system.

Fish and Azolla culture in an Aquaponics Unit
Biofloc Fish Farming

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