Subsidy Electricity for Fish Farming In Kerala

Subsidy Electricity for Fish Farming in Kerala

Importance of Electricity in High Density Fish Farming

Electricity bill is a major issue whether it is Aquaponics or Biofloc fish farming. In the case of Aquaponics fish farming, a pump and aerator must work full time. As well as Biofloc fish farming requires good aeration. If you include that to the home tariff, you will have to pay a big amount as electricity bills. In that case, isn’t it better to take the subsidized electricity connection of LT-5B provided for fish farming. Let’s see how to take a subsidized electricity connection for Fish Farming through this video.

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Benefits of Subsidy Electricity in Fish Farming

A large amount of money will have to be paid as electricity bills, whether it is Aquaponics or biofloc fish farming. The electricity slab will also increase as the unit usage increases according to the house tariff. However, fish farmers licensed by the Fisheries Department can apply for electricity connection at the rate of Rs. 2.80 per unit as per LT-5B tariff. According to this one tariff, no matter how many units are used, the charge will remain only Rs 2.80 per unit.

Electricity subsidy connection for Aquaculture

When we started fish farming on our farm there wasn’t any subsidized electricity connection for 4 months. During those times we had to pay an amount up to RS 7000 as electricity bills every 2 months. But now the 2-month bill reaches only around Rs 2,000. The farm has a motor of half HP, 3 aerators of  Hailea HAP-120 and 2 submersible pumps working continuously. Only those who intend to cultivate fish on a commercial basis are required to register for farm and apply for a subsidized electricity connection. Those who grow fishes on small scale only for house hold usage will not be able to register the farm.

How to Get subsidized electricity connection for Fish Farming in Kerala

The first step in obtaining a subsidized electricity connection is to obtain an Aquaculture license from the Department of Fisheries. In a previous video, it was explained in detail what all documents need to be submitted to register a fish farm and who all are eligible to get a license. Those who did not watch the video can watch the entire video by clicking on the link above.

Subsidy Electricity for Fish Farming

At the time of the Aquaculture registration video, a question that a lot of people were asking was what type of fish farming gets the license, also if we will get license for Biofloc fish farming. We carry out Aquaponics fish farming on a fish pond of 1 cent area. We didn’t face difficulty while registering it. Similarly, licenses have now been issued for other fish farms of not less than 2 cents area and for biofloc fish farming. It will go appropriate to contact the respective FFDA offices in each district to find out which types of fish farming are licensed. Aquaculture licenses are issued only after a site visit from the Department of Fisheries upon application for registration.

Documents to Be Submitted for Subsidy Electricity

A fish farmer who has obtained an aquaculture license should obtain an authorization letter from the Department of Fisheries, which will have to be send directly to KSEB itself to avail the electric connection at a subsidized rate. This is a letter stating that this is a licensed fish farm and so you are eligible for a subsidized electricity connection.

Nutter Red bellied Pacu Harvesting

Thereafter, along with the application for a new electricity connection, a copy of the Aquaculture License as well as the original authorization letter to KSEB should be submitted. Wiring works should be done as per KSEB Rules. I remember paying a fee of less than Rs 3,000. The engineer came and visited the site and we got the connection within 2 weeks itself.

This subsidized electric connection for fish farming is a great relief to the farmers. However, the use of such connections for other purposes is strictly prohibited by the Electricity Board. If any such malpractice comes into notice, the electric connection will be cut and a large amount will have to be paid as fine.

For small household fish farmers, be sure to use low wattage submersible pumps, aerators, etc. Contact your nearest Fisheries Department Office, KSEB Office for more information. Your doubts and comments can be commented below. If you like the video, don’t forget to share it with others and subscribe to our channel. See you again with another video. Thanks.

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