How to make Probiotic using Aquamagic EM1 for Biofloc Fish Farming Malayalam

How to make Probiotic for Biofloc Fish Farming using Maple Aquamagic EM1 Solution

How to make Probiotic for Biofloc Fish Farming using Maple Aquamagic EM1 Solution.

How to make Probiotic 1 for Biofloc fish farming as well as Probiotic 2 for mixing in the feed. This is something that a lot of people need to know through WhatsApp and YouTube comments. That’s why I thought I could make a video on this topic. Biofloc produces probiotics for fish farming in a variety of ways. Today’s this video is going to talk about one of the simplest, cheapest, and most effective probiotics. We can make 20 liters of probiotics at home for just Rs 650. This video will definitely help you. Try to see to the end.

Advantages of Biofloc Fish Farming

Biofloc is one of the most popular fish farming methods in Kerala in recent times. Many people in Kerala today are cultivating Biofloc fish through the Subhiksha Kerala scheme of the Government of Kerala and the PMMSY scheme of the Central Government. I will not try to explain more about Biofloc fish farming through this video. With this Biofloc technology, farmers can grow more fish in less space. Similarly, there is no need to change the water so there is no need to use more water for fish farming. With this Biofloc technology, fish farming can reduce feed costs by up to 30% compared to other fish farming methods. Biofloc is a technology used for wastewater treatment. Fisheries Bioflocs are based on this technology.

What are Probiotic 1 and Probiotic 2 in Biofloc Fish Farming?

In Biofloc aquaculture, this method of cultivation is carried out by cultivating a group of bacteria called floc along with the fish. Probiotic 1 is used to make floc in such a Biofloc tank. Similarly, probiotic 2 is required for mixing in fish feed. It is mixed with fish feed as it helps in maintaining the growth and immunity of the fish. In this video, we will see how to make Simple Probiotic 1 and Probiotic 2 at a low cost.

How to make Easy and Low cost Probiotic for Biofloc Fish Farming?

For this, we are using this product called Aquamagic EM 1 Solution by Maple Agrotech. The price of this one-liter product is Rs.600. Although the EM 1 solution of various companies is available in the market today, the Aquamagic EM 1 Solution of the company maple should be chosen carefully. This bottle comes with a deactivated effective microorganism. The deactivated solution must be mixed with a carbon source to activate it. It should only be used after it has been activated.

Maple Aquamagic EM1


How to Activate Maple EM1 Aquamagic?

Let’s see how to activate this Aquamagic EM 1 Solution. For this, at least 40 liters of water should be taken in a can that can be sealed in an airtight manner. Melt one kg of jaggery in one liter of water and let it cool. Wash and clean and pure18 liters of water into the can. Or it is better to take water from a well that has no chlorine. Pour one kg of melted jaggery solution into the water can. At the same time, pour one liter of maple’s EM1 AquaMagic solution. After doing this, mix well with a piece of wood or something. After that, it should be well sealed with no ventilation. It should be stored in a shady place. It takes seven days to become active. The top of the can should be opened and the gas removed daily. After seven days, white color can be seen on top of it. There will also be a foul smell of fruits. 20 liters of activated probiotic is ready.

Plastic canJaggery for activate em1 solution


When the Biofloc fish farm is started, the water can be treated, and use the Probiotic for fish farming can be developed by giving good aeration. The probiotic thus initially used is called probiotic 1.

This activated probiotic is mixed in the fish feed and fed to the fish. Activate 25ml and take probiotic and mix in 250ml of water. Pour the solution into one kg of fish feed, mix well and wait for 10 minutes to dry. After that, it can be given to the fish.

Probiotic 1 can be made with ingredients such as yogurt milk pineapple eggs. There are also a lot of people who make probiotics using inoculum as well. But the above is a probiotic that can be made much simpler and more effective than that. This used E M 1 solution can also be applied to other fish farming methods. Another video will explain how to use it in aquaponics or natural ponds. You can leave your comments and doubts about this video below. If you like this video, don’t forget to share it with others and subscribe to the channel.

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