Best Aquarium Filter Xinyou XY 2901

Best Aquarium Filter Xinyou XY 2901 with Submersible Pump

Best Aquarium Filter Xinyou XY 2901 with Submersible Pump

He is the hero in today’s Blog … One-year-old.. 7-inch size … Pink Giant Gourami. He also lived in the pool with 20 others. But after starting the store his life is in this glass aquarium. With this gourami and this glass aquarium Today, I will introduce you to a small filter used in this. Gourami is starting to find a lot of waste in the aquarium because it is being fed to the Tank. In order to solve this, we decided to test XINYOU’s XY-2901 filter. I decided to introduce you to this video because this filter seems to be very effective. Try to watch to the end of the video.

Varieties of Giant Gourami.

Needless to say, there are 3 types of Giant gourami commonly found in our country. Lots of videos have been made before .. so I will not explain further. For those who want to know more, you can watch the whole video by clicking on the link below

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Xinyou XY2901 Aquarium Filter

We are raising this 1-year-old Pink Giant Gourami in a glass aquarium that holds 50 liters of water. These giant gouramis have a unique ability to take the audience by hand. Xinyou’s XY-2901 filter is fitted to find a solution.

This small filter has three main components. First is the submersible pump. It uses a small submersible pump that uses only 5 watts of power at 220 volts. It can rotate 450 liters of water per hour and pump up to 80 cm in height. This filter is fitted with a submersible pump that can be used in a glass aquarium with a capacity of 50 to 75 liters, although not as much as expected.


Secondly Bio Sponge … This filter comes with two cylindrical sponges. One is green and the other is black. In this aquarium, we have now used a green-colored sponge. This color was used because it looked a little more attractive. The water is drawn by the submersible pump through this sponge. That is why all the waste in the water comes and stays in this sponge. Another important feature of this filter is that the sponge can be removed from the filter and washed without having to remove the filter completely. Removing and cleaning this bio sponge once a day will help maintain the quality of the water in the aquarium.


The third is the ceramic bio balls. The ceramic balls should be placed in this small bottle which is seen below the bio sponge. This causes nitrifying bacteria to grow and helps the nitrification of the water to function properly. Due to this, the fish in the water can control the toxic ammonia nitrate to some extent. The water in the aquarium passes through the sponge and ceramic balls and jumps back about ten centimeters above the water through a submersible pump. This process continues because the water is filtered well. At the same time, the water jumps a little higher so that the fish get the oxygen they need. That’s because no other air pump is used in this aquarium. However, if the number of growing fish is high, the amount of this oxygen may not be enough. In such a case an additional air pump must be fitted.

In this video, we tried to introduce an aquarium filter called XY-2901 by XINYOU. Comment below your comments and doubts about the video. If you like this video, don’t forget to share it with others and subscribe to the channel. Thanks.

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