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Feed Chart for 1000 fishes in fish farming

Feed chart for 1000 Fishes in Fish Farming

How much feed should be given to raise 1000 fish for a time span of six months? Or how much does it cost to feed.

This was commented below by a friend in one of our YouTube video. When I saw a question like this, I thought why not, take a look at something that has not been calculated before. I also felt that calculating this figure was necessary to understand the profit and loss of fish farming. In this video, we will discussing Feed chart for 1000 Fishes in Fish Farming.

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For fish farming to be successful, fish must be provided with quality water, good aeration and a protein rich Feed. The fish are usually fed pellet feed purchased from the market. Instead, there are those who make their own fish feed at home. In addition, Azolla and other leafy vegetables can also be fed to the fishes. Now let’s take a look at what our friend asked.

Things to be kept in mind when buying fish feed from the market.

  1. Fish Feed size.

Fish feed should be selected according to the size of the fish. Fish feeds size ranging from 0.5 mm to 4mm is available in the market today. We can see from the fish feed chart and select feed size according to the size of fishes.

  1. Protein contained in the Fish Feed.

When choosing a feed for the fish, the amount of protein in it should be taken into consideration. High protein rich diet should be fed to juvenile fishes. As the fishes grow, their protein intake can be reduced. Feeds with high protein content are more expensive.

The feed with a size of 0.8 mm contains 38% protein. The feed of size 1.2 and 1.8 mm contains 32% and the 3 mm and 4 mm fish feeds contain only 24% protein.

  1. Average body mass of fish.

The weight of the fish determines the amount of feed to be given to the fish. The average body mass of a fish is the average weight of the fish growing in the fish pond. To understand this you can catch 10 or 20 fishes from the fish pond and take its average weight. For example, if the 10 fish we catch weigh one kilogram, its average body mass is 100 grams.

  1. Price of fish feed.

In the recent times, there has been a sharp rise in the price of fish feed. Fishes in our farm are fed with feed from the company called Growel. The price of fish feed depends on the size of the feed as well as on the amount of protein contained in it.

Understand the Feed chart for 1000 Fishes.

This is the feed chart for 1000 fishes indicating the feed required to raise thousand fishes in fish farming method. This feed chart can be used to feed fishes reared in natural ponds, Aquaponics and flat ponds. But Biofloc fish farming does not have to follow this chart. To understand this feed chart you need to know about the above average body mass, protein content of the feed and pellet size. This is a feed chart for tilapia fish. However, the same can be said for fishes such as Anabas, Nutter (Red-Bellied Pacu).

Fish Feed Chart

  • The first column of this chart shows the growth of fishes, represented in weeks
  • The second column shows the average body mass of the fish.
  • The third column shows how many kilos of feed should be fed to thousand fish a day.
  • The fourth column is what percentage of feed to be fed to fishes by weight.
  • Fifth column represents protein content in the feeds and sixth column shows the size of pellets.
  • The next column is about the amount of total feed to be given in the span of time, that is in the first week or two to three weeks.
  • In the last column is the total amount of feeds per size.

Example of Feed Chart for 1000 fishes

Let’s see again, if the average body mass of a baby fish in the first week is half a gram, then 100 grams of feed should be given to thousand baby fishes. This is the total amount of feed to be given in a day. If you are giving twice a day, you can give 50 g each twice a day. If it is given in four doses, 25 grams can be given in four doses. At this time the fish feed should be 0.8mm in size with 38% protein content.

Similarly, for each growth stages or size of fish, it is important to know the amount of protein in the feed and size of feed to be given.

Initially the feed is about 20% of the weight of the fish but as the fish grows the feeding percentage can be reduced. When the fishes reaches five to six months growth, one per cent feed will be sufficient.

This Feed chart is very simple and anyone can understand how much feed should be given to the fish. It takes about 450 kg of feed to feed thousand fishes for six months. According to the price of the feed we buy, the feed about Rs. 25,000 is given to one thousand fish for six months. We feed the fish pellets in the morning and evening. At other times Azolla or other leafy vegetables are also given. Therefore, we feed only 75% of what is stated in this feed chart. The remaining 25% is provided by other leaf species and azolla.

I am not saying that this is a feed chart that should be followed exactly. This chart is created using information from training provided by the Department of Fisheries.

Everyone will benefit if you comment your information about on how and how much each of you are feeding your fishes below this video. Your doubts and comments can be commented below. If you like this video, don’t forget to share it with others and subscribe to the channel.

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