What is a Re-circulating Aquaculture System or RAS?

In a Re-circulating Aquaculture System, the water used for fish farming is treated and continuously reused. The Re-circulating Aquaculture System is an almost completely closed circuit. The wastes or solid wastes produced in the fish pond, Ammonium, and CO2 are removed during the operation of the RAS system or converted into non-toxic products. The treated water is then returned to the fish tanks. By circulating the water in the fish tank in this way, the water and energy requirements can be kept to a minimum. However, it is essential to add water in a minimal way through Re-circulating Aquaculture. The non-rotting waste or celery should be removed and the evaporated water should be re-poured as much as possible. However, our re-circulating systems can reuse 90% or more of the purified water. A lot of systems are essential in a well-functioning RAS unit. A detailed description of RAS technology is essential.

Benefits or Advantages of a Recirculating Aquaculture System

  1. Low water use – The water used for fish farming is re-treated and only a small amount of water has to be added.
  2. Electricity is essential 24 hours a day –¬†Although the use of electricity is a bit higher than other types of fish farming, fish farming can be done profitably under the RAS system if the special tariff given by the Electricity Board for fish farming is utilized.
  3. Efficient Land Use – Another feature is that it can grow more fish in less space. Natural ponds can harvest up to 5 kg of fish per cubic meter of water while a re-circulating aquaculture system can harvest up to 40 kg.
  4. Feeding – Another feature of such a close unit is that it can optimize the optimal feeding or feeding of the fish.
  5. Harvesting – Fish can also be easily sorted and harvested in units like this.
  6. Complete disease control – Diseases of fish are a common problem in aquaculture. Diseases found in this way can be easily treated and treated in closed units like this.
  7. Climate change – Another advantage of this is that it is possible to grow fish using the RAS aquaculture method in any climatic country or region. In countries with moderate frosts, fish are grown in bulk indoors using the RAS system.

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