BOYU ACQ 001 Air Pump 2,000.00
  • Brand – BOYU
  • Model Number – ACQ-001
  • Type – Air
  • Power Cord Length – 149 cm
  • Power Consumption – 16W
  • Flow Rate – 1500 L/hr
  • Maximum Head Height – 15 cm
  • Power Source – Electrical


BOYU ACQ 001 AIR PUMP for Fish Tank

Electromagnetic linear motor with high efficiency. Low energy, oil-free air compressor for smooth operation with SF3 composite bearings for low noise and long life. Instructions to Use: Ensure correct installation according to power requirements, must be earthed. To avoid water flowing back, the machine must be above water level. Keep protected from rain and sunlight. Do not cover the pump (to ensure proper ventilation and cooling). Clean filter sponge regularly in order to guarantee pure air output.


About Brand

Boyu Group Co., Ltd. is an international high-tech enterprise producing and sales of various aquarium equipment like Submersible pumps, Internal and External Filters and Air pumps, landscape supporting equipment, and pet products.

The brand names are well-known trademarks in China, well-known trademarks in Guangdong Province, well-known products in Guangdong Province, and top ten brands in the Chinese aquaculture industry.

The company Boyu owns A modern garden-style production base of 150,000 square meters, with strong scientific research strength and advanced production and testing equipment, is the “characteristic industry base of aquarium equipment in Guangdong Province”.

Additional information

Weight .95 kg


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