AQUA FINE AF 6002 Internal Filter 225.00

Product Info:

  • Model – AF-6002
  • Power – 15W
  • H Max – 1.5 M
  • FLMAX – 1000L/H
  • VOLTAGE – 220V 50/60H


AQUA FINE AF 6002 INTERNAL FILTER For Glass Aquariums.

Features – Adjustable flow rate Adjustable flow direction. Easy maintenance and cleaning. Silent operation and long-lasting. Suitable for aquariums of all sizes. Attached filter cartridge with multiple filter media. Low power consumption and high power output. Performing mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration. Capable of adding multiple filter cartridges to the powerhead Product Info: Model – AF-6002, Power – 15W, H Max – 1.5 M, FLMAX – 1000L/H, VOLTAGE – 220V 50/60H

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