Bio Ball 26MM / 50 pcs 250.00
  • 50 pcs / Packet
  • Size – 26 mm
  • Black colour


Bio Ball 26MM / 50 pcs

Aquarium 50 nos bio ball with bio sponge inside – bacteria creator -to all fish tank contains bio balls 50nos product description: create bacteria in fish tank suitable for all filter systems bio ball are filter medium. Using these bio balls in your filter system, natural bacteria will create in your fish tank. You can keep this bio ball in all the places where the water circulates in your filter system for your tank. Every time you need not wash this fully whenever you wash your fish tank and other filter media. As long as you use bio balls without washing but keeping them in your filter system is so much for your fish in the tank. If you use bio balls in bulk in large numbers in a particular place in your filter system, it gives results. Easy to use and handle, easy to store also. Bio balls are used in all power filters, canister filters, top filers, pond filer systems. Using bio ball your fishes will get color, growth, and shape.


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