Jelly Fish Umbrella Small Size for Aquarium Decoration 139.00 ,


Jelly Fish Umbrella Small Size for Aquarium Decoration

  • Aquarium jellyfish decoration: Floating flexibly and graceful incredibly detailed imitation floating jellyfish; Only open the aquarium light, Jellyfish decoration will emit gorgeous colors in the light, and your fish swim in the water happily together, making your aquarium tank to be more beautiful
  • Harmless to your fish: made of silicone material, safe material and odorless, no fade even long time use, harmless to your fish; can be applied in the fish tank for a long term and the height can be adjusted, floating flexibly and graceful, an ideal decoration for the fish tank and aquarium
  • Easy to use: These artificial aquarium decorations designed with a suction cup and an invisible line, easy to attach to your aquarium, let the jellyfish float in your tank, like a real jellyfish
  • Glow effects only work under actinic lighting: they glow under blue light and purple light beautifully, not glowing in the dark

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