MBBR Filter Media White 250 gram 125.00
  • Packet – 250 gram
  • Size: 1″ (D) x 4/9″ (H) each piece
  • Specific surface area: 61 square feet per gallon of media
  • Dosing ratio: 15%-65%
  • Material: HDPE
  • Life-span: >10years
  • Membrane forming: 1-6 weeks.


MBBR Filter Media White 250 gram

Can be used for DIY in-tank or sump moving bed filters. An air pump is needed to make the filter media move, it would be more efficient if there are microbubbles in water. The media to water ratio: 15%-65%
19-room design offers more surface area for a filtration capacity
It takes 1-6 weeks to be fully fluidized.
Self Cleaning – never requires cleaning or being replaced
Size: 25mm (D) x 10mm (H) each piece


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