Siphon For Aquarium Gravel Cleaning 100.00
  • Plastic Siphon
  • Suitable for Aquarium cleaning


Siphon For Aquarium Gravel Cleaning

  • Fish tank siphon cleaning tools, to be used for dirt suction, sand-washing, and water changes. No need to touch the water with your hands.
  • The siphon inlet has a filter basket designed to use gravity to sink easily into the water, will not disturb fish or decor when gravel cleaner works.
  • The hose is made of thickened environment-friendly materials. Airbags have good anti-extrusion resilience and can be used for a long time. Both large and small aquariums are suitable.
  • Siphon vacuum cleaner airbags, press four or five times and the water will run out easily. manual operation, less labor and time.

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Weight .25 kg


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