Air Oxygen Bubble Disk for Aquarium Medium (7.5cm) ,
  • This Increase Oxygen Levels Reduce CO2 And Raise PH.
  • Creates Water Currents And Dazzling Underwater Scenes.
  • An Important Instrument To Keep Aquatic Fish Breath Easily.
  • Air Bubble Disk Makes Bubbles With The Help Of Air Pump In The Aquarium Which Look Very Beautiful.
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Air Oxygen Bubble Disk for Aquarium Medium (7.5cm)

Air Oxygen Bubble Disk

Air Bubble Disk makes bubbles with the help of air pump in the aquarium which look very beautiful in the fish aquarium. Aquarium air stone and it will connect to air pump then you will get areater in your fish tank. Air Bubble Stone is Suitable for ponds aquarium and fish tank. This Increase oxygen levels reduce CO2 and raise PH. Creates water currents and dazzling underwater scenes. Creates bubbles for fish tank while attached to an air pump. An important instrument to keep aquatic fish breath easily.

Creates a flow or bubbles for healthy fish and a beautiful aquarium.

Directions :

  1. Allow airline tubing to air-disk and place in aquarium.
  2. Allow Air-Disk to soak for 15 minutes before turning on air supply.
  3. For best operation, allow air stone to bury half unit below gravel to prevent revealing.
  4. After sometime algae might build-up cause reduces airflow, removes from aquarium and clean surface with a stiff brush.

Note: The Volume and pressure output of your air pump will determine how large an area of the disk will release bubbles.


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