MAPLE EM-1 Aqua magic Solution 600.00 ,

1 acre pond – 6 ft depth

First Day Add 20 Litre (Activated EM.1 Aquamagic)
7th Day – Stocking of Fish / Shrimp
14th Day – 20 Litre (Activated EM.1 Aquamagic)
28th Day –  20 Litre (Activated EM.1 Aquamagic)



MAPLE EM-1 Aqua magic Solution

The major benefits of Maple EM.1 Aquamagic:

  • AQUAMAGIC keeps fish/prawn/crab healthy & free from many diseases.
  • Feed additive and best natural way for culture of fish, prawns and crabs without chemicals.
  • Improves Feed conversion ratio (FCR)
  • Increases the DO (Dissolved Oxygen) in water.
  • Reduce Hydrogen Sulphide in water
  • Increase in yield by higher quality and quantity.
  • Stress levels will be reduced. As a result, fish can be kept healthy and free from sickness.
  • Feed cost reduction.
  • Reduction in Capital.
  • Reduction in chemical input.
  • Better disease control.
  • Supplementing feed with EM Bokashi can help fish digest their food better and grow faster
  • Improvement in quality, better shine, No earthy smell & Better shelf life.
  • Reduces the quantity of sludge produced
  • Keep water clean and hence does not require repeated water changing.
  • Suppressing algal colonies from bodies of fish/prawns, thus giving better growth.
  • Mortality of fish and prawns will be reduced



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