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Importance of Aeration

Importance of Aeration in Fish farming

What is Aeration

Oxygen is an essential ingredient for any living organism, not just man. Similarly, oxygen is also essential for fish that live in water. But for fishes grown in artificially made fish ponds, oxygen should be supplied accordingly. Aerators can be used for this purpose. But in each fish farming system, each pool aeration has to be provided in different levels.

This doubt arises for not just me but for any fish farmer like me.  This is a short video with instructions on how to select an aerator for a fish pond, what the criteria are and what types of aerators are available in Market. If you like the video don’t forget to subscribe and like the channel.

How an Aerator works.

The aerator absorbs air directly from the atmosphere and dilutes it with water. Only 21% of the air emitted from the atmosphere contains oxygen. Therefore, the oxygen required for the fish will reach the water only if it is given a great deal of aeration. Air Stones and Air Oxy Tubes are used to merge the air entering the aerator into small bubbles of water in fish pond.

Fish farming is done in different ways. The most commonly used methods are Aquaponics or Re circulating Aquaculture system (RAS) and BIOFLOC. Each Farming system requires a different amount of oxygen. The Aquaponics fish farming unit requires only a small amount of oxygen. While a Biofloc system must be well oxygenated. Because the fish and bacteria that grow in the Biofloc farming system require the same amount of oxygen.

How to Select an Aerator

The aerator selection should also take into account the density of the fish growing in the fish pond. In a fish pond with more amount of fishes, more oxygen is also required.You need to make sure the aerator is working all the time in fish pond. It is better to run the aerator with an inverter. Instead of using one aerator two can be used, if in case one stops working other supplies the required oxygen to the fishes in fish pond. Fish are more likely to die from lack of oxygen.

In this video we will introduce some of the Aerators we use in our organic fish farm. We only do Aquaponics Aquaculture on the farm, so be aware when choosing aerators for a system like Biofloc fish farmig.

An Aquaponics fish farming unit, which holds 40000 liters of water, has over 4,000 Tilapia fishes of  the age of 3 months. The pond comes with a model aerator called HAP-120 from the company Hailea. The capacity of this air pump is 7200 litter/ hour. 90 watts of power is used to make this air pump work. Hailea Aerator has been working on the fish farm well for over 1 year. And there is generally a lot of positive feedback. If aerators of lesser power are required then 45W, 65W and 80w aerators of the same company are also available in the market.

Hailea 4800LPH Hiblow HAP-80 Air Pump, 80 L/min

More About Hailea HAP-80

More About Hailea HAP-60

AirOxi Tubes and Air Stones

In our fish farm the aerator is connected to an Airoxi tube. The Airoxi tube helps to dissolve oxygen into water in a good way. It is connected to a 1 meter long tube in a circular manner. Up to 4 meters such tubes are supplied from an aerator. Verities AirOxi tubes available in the Market. Green colored Algae protection Airoxi tube is best one for Fish Farming. It helps to protect from algae. Here i am Introducing some  Quality AirOxi Tubes for your reference.

AirOxi Aeration Tube Algae Resistant (12.5 X 25.0 Mm – 5 Meter)

AirOxi Algae Resistant Aeration Tube – 10 Mtr (12.5 X 25 Mm – AR-10)

AirOxi Spider – Ready To Use Base With 1.2 Mtr AirOxi AR Tube


Airoxy Tube in Onyx aqua Farm

In small Fish Farming Units can use Air Stones instead of AirOxi Tube. Air stones can fix with low Power Air pumps. Air Stones Normally Using for Glass Aquariums and Fish Pond less than 1000 Litter. Verities of Air stones available in the market. Here i am Introducing some branded Quality Air stones for your reference.

Hailea Ceramic Air Stone B-011 2.5 inch (Pack of 3)

Hailea Ceramic Air Stone B-011 2.5 Inch (Pack Of 3)


Hailea Ceramic Air Stone B-005 2 inch (Pack of 3)

Hailea Ceramic Air Stone B-005 2 Inch (Pack Of 3)

In addition to the Aerator, the fish pond is also connected with 2 venturi. We’ll show you the working of venturi in another video.

If Aeration not Working ?

If the Aeration does not work due to some complaint in aerator or due to the lack of electricity, its better not to feed the fish at that time. During non-feeding periods, the fish require less oxygen than normal.

By using Water pump, or any other means, pump water directly into the fish pond at high power. This increases the amount of oxygen in the pool.

In this Blog will help you to understand the importance of Aeration in Fish pond and How to Implement the Aerator in a Fish Farming Unit.


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