Aquaponics Fish farming Fish pond making

Setup a Fish pond in Aquaponics Fish farming

Setup a Fish pond in Aquaponics Fish farming is an Important process. The Department of Fisheries concluded that an Aquaponics unit capable of Culturing 40000 liters of water can grow up to 4,000 fish. Aquaponics is also Known as Recirculating Aqua Culture (RAS).


What is an Aquaponics

Aquaponics is an innovative modern farming method where fish and vegetables are grown together in a single unit. Aquaponics is the combination of Aquaculture and hydroponics. Aquaculture means growing or Culturing fishes in a Pond. Setup a Fish pond in Aquaponics Fish farming is very important. And Hydroponics is grows plants in a soil less platform. It may be Metal Grow Bed or PVC Pipes.

An Aquaponics unit consists mainly of 3 parts.

An Aquaponics Units are mainly consists 3 parts. those 3 units are Important for a Recirculating Aquaculture Unit.

1. The pond required for rearing or culturing fish.

Aquaponics culture Usually can use cement pond Nylon pond. In the below Link You can understand how to make a Fish pond with Nylon Sheet. Fish pond Length and width we can make as per the requirement. But the depth of the pond will be minimum 1 meter to the side and 1.5 meter to the center. In Modern Fish farming Ammonia is the main problem fish farmers are facing. If we make the center of the pond more deep we can collect the Waist by using a Submersible Pump. You can Buy Good Submersible pump through this Link.

2. Mechanical and bio filter unit.

In Aquaponics Fish farming system We have to maintain a good mechanical and Bio Filter Unit. Filter Unit is mainly divided as 2 Parts.

Mechanical Filter – In the water of Fish pond have huge quantity of Fish waist and Food Waist. Submersible pump Using for pump the water to Filter Unit. Mechanical Filter Unit can filter the waist of the water and Cleaned water going to Grow Bed.

Bio Filter Unit – Water of Fish pond have a huge quantity of Ammonia, Ammonia very badly affecting to the fishes. In Bio Filter Unit doing some bacteria process. Bio filter Unit Convert the Ammonia to Nitrite and then Nitrate. These Nitrite absorb the plants and growing also Water of the fish pond getting clean.

Filter Unit of Aquaponics unit

3. Grow bed required for cultivation of vegetables.

Grow bed using For culture the Plants in an Aquaponics fish Farming. It can be built in many different ways for Aquaponics fish farming.

1. Bucket system

Bucket Grow bed for Aquaponics Fish farming

2. Cut the barrels vertically

Barrel Grow bed for Aquaponics Fish farming

3. Using IBC Tank for culture Vegetables

IBC Tank Grow bed for Aquaponics Fish farming

4. Using nylon sheet.

Nylon Sheet Grow bed for Aquaponics Fish farming

Nylon Sheet Grow bed for Aquaponics Fish farming

5. With Cement block and Concrete

Onyx Aqua farm Inside view


PH test of water in Fish farming
Ammonia Test in Water of Fish Pond

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